Miami Event Planner, Venue Pick Of The Week – REDLAND FARM LIFE

This week’s Venue Pick Of The Week is Redland Farm Life, located in South Miami at: 17411 SW 200th St, Miami, FL 33187.


About The Venue

This is a true country oasis that offers that “farm charm” that has become so popular for photo shoots, images seen in some of the biggest magazines. Outside of being an awesome venue spot, Redland is also known for their green thumb. They are a full nursery offering some of the most beautiful and unique plants in the state. This really adds to the beauty that is absolutely every where.


About My Experience

One of the things I look for the most when helping my clients find the best venue for their special day or event, is originality. And the minute I arrived, I can tell you that it was abundant in every detail. When you talk about handcrafted, that is what I experienced. You feel the history, that “Old Florida” charm. That time where Florida “Crackers” known for the whip they cracked when rounding up cattle, inhibited the territory. I will have you know though, the animals were not actually whipped, the sound of cracking of the whip would help bring them in. To this day, native born Floridians are often referred to as “Crackers”. Just a fun fact that was posted at the door and helped give perspective to what was to follow.

The farm feel really helps this venue stand out from the rest. One thing I loved was the house itself. The furniture, steps, and private room, add to the experience. As you can see from the video I absolutely loved the bride room complete with shower and views galore.

I highly recommend this venue for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, or corporate/company events in South Florida, Miami

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