Planning The Perfect Miami Wedding

Miami is such a wonderful city characterized by its buzzy nightlife, the beach, the bars, amazing restaurants, and perhaps some of the best wedding venues hands down. For an event planner like myself, it represents opportunity at every corner. As awesome as Miami is, planning the perfect wedding in this city is not that easy. As always, Amanda Williams, Boutique Event Planners & Rentals, is here to help make your day magical, but we have put together a few preliminary steps that can help you get started with the perfect Miami Wedding.


As easy as this sounds, there are some things to consider. How you will spread the news and who will find out first may be important to you. Some couples prefer for their parents or other close family members find out first. One suggestion is to tell those loved ones in person, at a dinner or gathering. Just remember one thing, once you tell one person, the news will spread like wildfire.


As tempted as you will be to get ideas from friends and family. The first conversation you should have should be with your fiance’. Dive into your dream wedding. Don’t talk about money yet. Think about the style and feeling of wedding you would like. A beach wedding? Sit down Dinner? Nature? Mountain top? Big gathering? Intimate setting? All these are good starting points. Remember, once you involve a Wedding Planner like myself, it helps if you already have some kind of idea of what your dream wedding will look like. Remember, it can change drastically from this first talk with your fiance’ but that is all part of the process.


Don’t worry about the exact date but get an idea of the season that you are looking to tie the knot. Living in Miami, a city plagued with hurricanes, potentially stormy summers, and warm winters, there is much to consider. Ultimately, this is important so you know how much time you have to get organized and do the things you need to do.


Some of the other details are pretty tough unless you have the budget in mind. This can ultimately determine the guest list and destination of your wedding. Nowadays, it is not likely that the bride’s parents pick up the tab, so find out from both sets of parents how much or if they are willing to contribute. Be conscientious of their financial situation of course, but ultimately it is important to have this information in order to plan the wedding.

Remember, planning a wedding your own is something you can certainly do and I have seen some pretty awesome shindigs planned by the couple. But although your wedding takes place on one day, all the events leading up to it and the process should be one that you cherish and enjoy. It can be very stressful as it is to make this lifetime commitment to your partner/soulmate, you should not be worried about the details. Let us take care of that and make your day magical.

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